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Why hire a birth photographer? 


It is a day worth remembering! The birth of your baby is one of the most emotional and memorable events in your life. Whether it is your first or your fifth child, meeting and holding your baby for the first time is uncomparable to anything else. Those first  moments of your baby's first breaths, first cry deserve to be cherished forever. To me, they are just as important as my wedding day! 

 You and your partner are so busy (you know.. bringing a baby into the world!) that photographs don't happen until quite a bit later. Those tiny details you never want to forget begin to fade, times and sequences are forgotten.

When you hire a birth photographer I am there to document your baby's birth story. I freeze those moments and emotions in time for you to relive, remember and rejoice in one of the most amazing events of your life. I am able to capture the emotions, the details, the expressions, all the different components that happen when you are meeting your precious child for the first time.



 For me personally, the photos of my childrens birth become more and more priceless as time goes on.

You will NOT regret hiring a birth photographer. I can promise you that. Every birth is beautiful and every birth story is unique to that child and deserves to be captured in timeless, beautiful photographs. It is a strong passion of mine to capture these priceless moments for families. 

But... but isn't it graphic?! what about my private parts?!

Birth photography doesn't have to be graphic- The joys of hiring a PROFESSIONAL! I know the angles to get, i know what works, what looks best, etc. It is done extremely tastefully and it is about the moment, the day, the emotions, the detail, the first seconds your child entered the world! And the baby coming out part is really such a small moment in time. 

If you are still unsure, please set up a meeting with me where we can discuss any concerns, what you are looking for, and see more for yourself if I am the right fit for your family! You can contact me at


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