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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I see more of your work?

 Feel free to contact me (there is a contact tab, or email me at if you would like to see more of my work. Also you can find more on: 





Why should I hire a birth photographer?

I have a whole page on this! It is a subject I am passionate about! But one question is, why wouldn't you!  To see the emotions, the details, the birth story told tastfully in photographs is breathtaking. Please see the other tab for why birth photography. It goes in much more details, and please contact me with any questions! 


When should I book the birth photography “session”?

Book me as soon as you know you would like me at your birth! I have been hired in the first few months of pregnancy and also been hired two weeks before the due date and inbetween! I only take a certain amount of birth's a month, so it is best to hire me as soon as possible to ensure I have openings. 


Do we meet before the birth?
Yes! It is great to meet with my clients before hand and get to know them a little bit. 


Is there a time limit or do we pay extra if things are taking longer than expected?
No. I try to time things so that there isn’t a lot of down time, however birthing is unpredictable. Once there, I usually stay until the baby is born. In cases of false labor, labor stalls or it is obvious birth is not imminent, I may leave and come back when things start moving along. You will not be charged extra if labor takes longer than expected or if I have to make more than one trip.


How long do you stay after the birth?
A little over an hour. I will always check with you before I leave, I generally stay to get the first photos with mom and dad and the newborn exam. 


What if I don’t want my photos on social media?
I always love and appreciate when I am able to share them on my social media sites! But if you would rather me not, that is completely fine. I have a contract and a model release, I only share images when I have a model release for them. 


What about  c-sections?
It is important to discuss with your doctor/midwife and the hospital to see whether or not I will be admitted in the O.R. 

If I will not be allowed in the O.R., there is still your child's birth story to be told! I can document all the events leading up to the O.R. I can give your partner a camera to take photos while in the O.R. that I will edit just as the rest of the days photos. I can also go with the baby and capture those moments while mom is still in surgery/recovery.


What if I go into labor more than two weeks before my due date?
Contact me as soon as you know you are in labor. I will do my absolute best to be there. I like to stay in close contact with my clients and so it hasn't been an issue.


Do you have any images for us to see before we decide?
Yes! I have some on my facebook page and on my Vimeo site. I also have more available to see when we meet in person. 


Do you offer maternity or newborn portraiture?
Yes! I have a package that includes maternity, birth and newborn photography. 


How do you handle it if I decide I don’t want you in the labor room with us for a period of time?
You can just ask me to leave. I will understand, and you don't ever have to worry about hurting my feelings. This is your birth. 


What exactly do you photograph?
We cover that in our meeting before the birth. This is your birth, and your story. I generally shoot flattering angles and get the least amount of nudity possible. Most images are not graphic at all. 


How soon do I get my photos?
I generally do a sneak peak within 48 hours. To have your all your complete images it takes about 3 weeks


Do you use flash?

 Not unless I have too. I do need light to take photographs..  so if I cannot get enough ambient light I will use a flash as a last resort. I have great equipment that I use, so low lighting is generally not too big of an issue! 


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